Mobile Photography: Take your photography to the next level

November 16th, 2020 by

Before the days of the smartphone, capturing a moment in real-time was not as easy as just pulling out a smartphone from your pocket. Nowadays, if you want to capture a moment in real-time, remember, the best camera is always in your pocket. But you are taking photos constantly with your smartphone and wondering why your photos don’t have that ‘WOW’ factor you see around on Instagram or somewhere else, is that all about you don’t have your own expensive camera? Does the best photo need a good camera always? No, not always! A smartphone’s camera is more than enough in most conditions. So what makes the difference? Why some people get stunning photos by using their mobile cameras and some people struggle with that? Truth is your smartphone camera is lot more capable than you think; this article is mainly for new users who don’t have pure knowledge of photography. I’ll try to figure out some basic points to help you on your journey to better mobile photography.

Image Source: Unsplashed by Mitchell Orr
Image Source: Photo jeepers

My suggestion is, if you’re new to editing, start with Snapseed and Lightroom. Both are available for iOS and Android users which offer plenty of editing options.

I hope you can improve your mobile photography skill by following this article. Follow these tips and take your photography skill to the next level.